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Raspberry Pi: Hands On

Raspberry Pi a computer the size of a credit card
Raspberry Pi a computer the size of a credit card

Today I’ll share the very first configuration steps I usually take when I get my hands on a brand new raspberry pi.

I assume that:

  • Raspbian is freshly installed.
  • The raspberry pi is up and running.
  • You know its IP address.
  • You know how to connect to the pi over ssh.

A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

Egyption phoenix the burning bird
Egyption phoenix the burning bird

Hello world !

Yes, I know, it’s a weird title for a post. The rationale is simple though. I’ve had many blogs over the years. This is my latest attempt.

I guess it all started with Gladys … Nope, it’s not what you think.

Gladys is a French open source project. It’s a raspberry pi based house automation platform. It gave the nerd in me the nudge I needed. I started refreshing my javascript and debian knowledge, write tutorials, both for the community and to track everything I was building up.

Then it hit me ! Why keep this to myself on Evernote when I could share with everyone to whom it might be helpful ?

One topic led to another and there I am, starting a blog … again.

Expect tutorials on a variety of topics, among which: debian linux, raspberry pies, Gladys, photography, guitar playing … well, whatever crosses my mind, that I believe could be interesting to not just me.

Happy reading.